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our anonymous past

Once upon a time in our sepia-toned past, we could wander about the country with anonymous ease. This identity freedom, while not exactly spelled out in the Constitution, is a cornerstone of our national political philosophy.... [more][1]

is privacy in the 21st century possible?

Privacy is dead. Or so they say. While we do our best to keep parts of our lives away from prying eyes, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stay “off the grid."... [more][2]

the colossol costs of building the uk's monster surveillance network

The UK will have to build a mammoth network of Internet surveillance centers if the government passes its Investigatory Powers Bill - dubbed the the Snoopers' Charter - into law. more..[3]

australian privacy act 1988 [more][4]

objects of the act are:

a - to promote the protection of privacy of individuals and

b - to recognise that the protection of privacy of indivuiduals is balanced with the interest of entities in carrying out their functions or activities; and

c - to provide the basis for nationally consistent regulation of privacy and the handling of personal information; and

d - to promote responsible and transparent handling of personal information by entities; and

e - to facilitate an efficient credit reporting system while ensuring that the privacy of individuals is respected; and

f - to facilitate the free flow of information across national borders while ensuring that the privacy of individuals is respected; and

g - to provide a means for individuals to complain about an alleged interference with their privacy; and

h - to implement australias obligation in relation to privacy