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pvi project development 2016/2017:

area 1 - game play

area 2 - privacy and data

area 3 - alternative economies

black neon experiment: 5 years from now

the failure of protest

reading list

world building[edit]

guide to world building

how to write fantasy, sci­fi And real­life worlds [1]

world building questions

resource for world building including questions about social organisations and government. [2]

fictional world building tasks

6 elements of world building [

wbml - the world building media lab

he World Building Media Lab has emphasized the power of using technology as a vehicle to enhance storytelling capabilities. With explorations into Virtual and Augmented Reality, the WbML, has established itself as a leader at the forefront of technological-based entertainment.[3]

The World Building Media Lab’s Leviathan Project

When users slip on the modified Oculus Rift headset they find themselves flying into a lab strapped to a giant flying whale, straight out of author Scott Westerfeld’s Leviathan trilogy. They are then guided through the process of bioengineering a huxley, a small flying creature resembling a jellyfish.[[[[4]]]]

the future of storytelling summit - 2016

The Future of StoryTelling Summit is an invitation-only, two-day gathering of technology, media, and communications visionaries from around the world. The summit is designed to put participants in direct contact with the most vital ideas, people, and technologies that are shaping the way we tell stories.[5]


Alex McDowell is a master worldbuilder. He is the founder and creative director of 5D Global Studio, where he and his team design immersive-story worlds for industries and institutions. His practice applies the power of fiction to the real world, helping clients creatively imagine the future and anticipate possible problems and opportunities [6]

Bjarke Pederson designs immersive, participatory experiences where players are made to feel like the heroes of their own journeys. He has worked on projects ranging from transmedia storytelling for television to real-world participatory games played by more than ten thousand people at the same time [7]

Hugh Howey has been exploring how to make storytelling more participatory in the digital age. One way that he has found connection with his readers is by encouraging them to expand on his stories’ plots, themes, and character development by creating their own fan fiction around them. The types of deeper, more meaningful connections that have resulted from this collaboration have been central to the stories Howey has crafted.[8]

mixed reality lab[edit]

possible definitions:

The Mixed Reality Lab (MXR) aims to push the boundaries of research into interactive new media technologies through the combination of film, technology, and performance

pvi's mixed reality lab: contents

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